Nurse Coordinator


This “Career Coach” position will play a vital role in the relationship building Nurse applicants and Omnicruit organization. You will be the gateway for our Nurse candidate in launching their international career. In this role, you will assist nurse candidates in understanding the US requirements for passage of the IELTS and NCLEX, and coach and monitor them along the way.

OmniCruit Nurse Recruiting is an internationally experienced recruitment firm committed to placing knowledgeable domestic and foreign registered nurses and other healthcare professionals from the Philippines and India in positions with select United States hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

Nurse Coordinator Job Responsibilities:

· Understands the overall concept of the company, including the brand, customer, product goals, and all other aspects of service.

· Be an ambassador for Omnicruit with the Nursing applicant community across several countries.

· Assist Nurses in preparing for the IELTS and NCLEX exams.

· Monitor nursing candidates throughout their study process of the IELTS and NCLEX exams

· Assist nursing candidates in locating testing centers for the IELTS and NCLEX exams in their local areas.

· Assist nursing candidates and formulating study groups for the IELTS and NCLEX exams.

· Along with the Omnicruit recruiting team, help coach and prepare nursing candidates with US immigration procedures in their home countries.

· Monitor the progress of each nurse candidate who has entered into the US immigration application process.

· Coordinate with external vendors on behalf of Omnicruit and nursing candidates for the placement of those nursing candidates who have successfully taken the requisite examinations and complete it US immigration procedures with a successful visa.

· Evaluate nursing candidates throughout the testing process for their suitability to fill one of the international roles list it by Omnicruit

· Act as career counselor to Nurse applicant as they navigate through job opportunities abroad.

· Must exhibit professionalism at all times

[Work Hours and Location] This position is rather unique and is and eight hour a day slash 40 hours a week position, however given the international nature of the role there will be hours worked outside of the local regular business hours to adjust for business hours in our international locations. This position will be located in Metro Manila Philippines, or Metro Mumbai India.

Nurse Coordinator Qualifications , Skills, Experience:

· Understand US Nursing testing requirements

· Proficient verbal and written English communication in a professional environment

· Superior organization skills, with the ability to multitask

· Use of scheduling platforms like outlook, excel and other relevant software

· A customer service background and attitude toward performing duties.

· Able to keep company and personal confidentiality

· MS Office savvy. Must be proficient.

· Outgoing personality engaging with multiple nationalities

· Ability to manage ‘upward’ with managers

Education, and Licensing Requirements:

· Nursing Degree in any discipline

· Current nurse license in your home country or abroad

· Previous clinical experience

Apply Now: To apply please send your CV and a sample of a work or school project to Use the Subject line: “(Your Name) 2022 Nurse Coordinator”

***This position is located in Quezon City, Philippines and Mumbai India. Only local candidates will be considered.***