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We understand that you have a lot of questions that you wish to be addressed before you apply online.

Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Pay rates will vary from location to location and based on the client’s needs. All candidates from abroad will recurve equitable pay to their US counterparts. Each position that is posted will have a salary scale attached in the description. 

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or specialized field from an
    accredited College or University*
  •  Minimum 2 years experience*
  • Passage of NCLEX
  • Passage of ILET

No. Omnicruit does not sponsor. We help our client’s to navigate through the sponsorship process in order to enable them to sponsor each employee that they hire from abroad.

Its both. With Omnicruit you have two options 

  1. Hire Directly with us and work in our Staffing Agency as a Traveling or Temp Nurse with a diversity of opportunities 
  2. Hire  directly with our clients for a permanent role 

Both of these options has its advantages and disadvantages

No. Not at this time. At Omnicruit we feel that your professional credentials belong to you and is your sole property. We would not want to interfere in that.

Our Nursing Coordinator is here to help and guide you through the process.

Your visa will be determined by the job that you are offered. Typically you will be processed for an H1B visa or a Work Visa for a specialist position.

The cost for the visa and US immigration processing will be borne by your sponsor. Your local travel and processing expenses in your home country will be borne by you but can be reimbursable by most sponsors and employers.

Your education and experience will be all the training that you need as our clients only hire those persons who qualify at the time of screening.

Without an NCLEX score, you will not be qualified to practice Nursing in the United States. You could however come and work in a clinical setting without the title of Nurse. The best thing to do is take the test and qualify. This will keep your options open and your income higher.

Yes: Our Nurse coordinator will help you find testing centers in your area, advise you on testing dates and monitor your progress while you study and prepare

Each case varies based on the Job, the employer, the visa processing time in the US Embassy of your country of residence and YOU. All of this items vary from case to case and will affect the outcome of your processing time.

If you have any questions please let us know and send us an email at hr@omnicruit.us

Are you a nurse looking for opportunities in the USA? Omnicruit is a partner that you can trust to represent your interests!